.How We Will Work Together

Are You Considering Hiring Me for Your English to German Translation/Transcreation Project?

Here Is How It Works:

»»You tell me about your translation/transcreation project and send me your English text either as a Word, PowerPoint, or
»»PDF file.
»»Note: If you need help with the brief, please feel free to contact me. Depending on your specific needs, I will then send
»»Note: you either a translation, a transcreation or an SEO translation briefing document (docx Word file) for you to fill in.

»»You will receive from me the requested detailed quote as well as my Terms and Conditions (PDF files) by e-mail after
»»I have carefully analyzed your English source text and your translation/transcreative/SEO translation brief.
»»My quote for you also includes two rounds of revisions and proofreading the typeset text prior to publication.

Order Order confirmation
»»If you decide to accept my quote, please send me your purchase order (PDF file) by e-mail.
»»(Please use your company letter paper for your purchase order. Thank you!)
»»You will then receive from me an order confirmation (PDF file) by e-mail.

Translation/Transcreation process
»»I will produce the German version of your text and carefully edit and proofread it.
»»If requested, my German text will be carefully checked by a trusted colleague. This colleague will be bound by a
»»non-disclosure agreement.
»»I will clarify with you any questions which may arise during the translation/transcreation process.
»»You will receive from me a list of questions by e-mail.

»»You will receive from me the completed, edited and proofread German version for review by e-mail.
»»You will also receive from me clear and easy-to-follow rationales and back-translations into English for slogans,
»»headlines, and those sentences or paragraphs of the text which required a transcreative approach.

»»You inform me within five workdays from delivery if you have any suggestions for changes.
»»I will implement your suggestions for changes and tweak the German text.
»»You will receive from me the revised text.
»»You inform me within two workdays from delivery if I have implemented your suggestions correctly and according
»»to your request.

Invoice Payment
»»Once I have your final approval, I will send you the invoice (PDF file by e-mail) which you will please settle by the
»»due date.

I look forward to working with you!



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